general rules

General Rules of WiBuy

You agree to use the Service in accordance with all applicable laws, morality, public policy and these Terms. You agree to make appropriate use of the Service and not to use it to perform activities that are unlawful or illegal, which infringe or misappropriate the rights of third parties, or that infringe any other applicable legal rule. All users are expected to behave responsibly and courteously and to communicate in a polite and civil manner.

Prohibited Content

You agree not to transfer, introduce, submit, send, spread, distribute, make available, or communicate any material, products, photographs, pictures, images, drawings, sounds, files, code, software, text, data, information, messages, descriptions, and/or content (together, “User Content” or “Content”) that in any way violate the law, morality, public policy, or the Terms of Use.

Here is a partial list of Prohibited Content:

  • Content that relates to any of the following items, products, or services:
    • Alcohol
    • Controlled substances, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or dietary supplements.
    • Cosmetics or skin/hair care products not sealed in original package.
    • Dangerous, hazardous, or unsafe items.
    • Food stamps or any other governmental assistance.
    • Food or beverages.
    • Lottery, raffle, sweepstakes, gambling tickets or entries.
    • Laser pointers and related products.
    • Medical devices or accessories.
    • Military items that have not been properly demilitarized.
    • Recalled products.
    • Stolen property.
  • Any item, product, or service that is regulated by the government.
  • Content containing or constituting misleading photographs or descriptions.
  • Content that is misleading as to its location, quantity, identity, or condition.
  • Content that promotes, glorifies, or constitutes racism, violence, hatred, intolerance, xenophobia, or terrorism, or that infringes human rights or freedoms.
  • Content that is pornographic, erotic, fetishistic, or sexually explicit.
  • Content in any way related to “adult” services, including sexual, escort, friendship, massage, or companion services, or related to sexual interaction or to prostitution.
  • Content that in any way relates to any person under the age of 18.
  • Content that in any way relates to animals or pets, or to animal products.
  • Content that in any way relates to human body parts, human remains, burial artifacts, morgues or autopsies.
  • Content related to or recovered from any disaster, tragedy, or crime scene.
  • Content that impersonates, imitates, or otherwise could mislead anybody as to the identity of its source, owner, possessor, or author.
  • Content that is false, dishonest, untruthful, ambiguous, inaccurate, or misleading to any potential recipient of that content.
  • Content that infringes on the intellectual or industrial property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, of any party.
  • Content that infringes the privacy or secrecy of communications or of personal data of any party.
  • Content that infringes on the privacy rights of any party.
  • Content that could constitute or relate to unlawful or unfair marketing or advertising.
  • Content that drives, or is primarily intended to drive, traffic to certain websites or apps.
  • Content that could constitute or contain or relate to unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, “junk mail”, “spam”, “chain letters”, “solicitation”, “pyramid schemes”, “affiliate marketing”, “multi-levelmarketing”, or any fraudulent or deceptive communication.
  • Content that could constitute harassment or could be abusive, harmful, or offensive to any party.


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